Frequently Asked Questions 常問問題

How do I book your transfer service? 怎樣預約包車接送服務?

You can book by 3 steps! Step 1: Check transfer rates and the vehicle type by your itinerary & number of person on website or through our customer service. Step 2: Send us your information, such as flight number, pick up and drop off address, guest name and mobile phone number which have roaming service for us to contact with when reach Malaysia. Step 3: We will return the availbility and confirmation details to you within 24 hours. 您可以簡單三個步驟預約服務! 第一步:根據您的行程、人數,您可在網站或者聯絡客戶服務職員查看您的行程費用。 第二步:提交您的航班號、接送地點、姓名和聯絡號碼(在馬來西亞有漫游并可以聯絡的)以方便抵達馬來西亞與司機聯絡。 第三步:我們會以二十四小時内與您確定行程。

How do I find your driver when arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport? 抵達吉隆坡機場之後怎樣可以找到司機?

Driver incharge will contact you reach Kuala Lumpur airport. You can follow airport map below to pickup point to meet your driver. 負責司機會在您抵達機場后聯絡您,您可以根據以下地圖到上車地點。 KLIA Terminal M (Take elevator to Level 1 right after reach Arrival Hall) 吉隆坡國際機場M航站(到接機廳就乘電梯下去1樓) KLIA2 (KLIA Terminal 2) 吉隆坡第二國際機場 (Follow the red dotted lines to Elevator to Level 1) (請跟著紅色虛綫前往電梯去一樓上車) If you cannot find our driver, please call our customer service +60173079883. 若您聯絡不上司機,請聯絡我們客戶熱綫 +60173079883.

I'm not activate roaming when arrive airport, how do I find your driver? 來到吉隆坡的時候我沒有開漫游服務,那我怎麽找到司機?

You can connect FREE Wi-Fi service available in airport or purchase a SIM package when arrive airport to contact driver. Or you can request signage service with extra charge applied (staff holding signboard of your name and meet you at arrival hall). 您可以連接機場免費Wi-Fi或者在機場購買SIM卡以聯絡司機。您也可以要求司機舉牌接機(需繳額外費用)。

We are 3 persons in total. Should we book a sedan car or a MPV? 我們一共三個人,應該訂一輛五座車還是一輛MPV?

Normally sedan car is enough for 3 passenger + 3 handcarry luggage. We recommend to take MPV for more comfortable trip if you have more luggages. 通常五座車可以載三個乘客和三個手提行李,若您有多行李我們建議您訂MPV。

What if I need to change or cancel my booking? 若我退改行程,我該怎麽辦?

You can cancel or change your booking 24 hours before trip start, out charge applied if cancellation or reschedule less than 24 hours before trip start. 您可以在行程出發二十四小時前進行退改。若行程出發二十四小时内退改,公司有權索取附加費用或不償還行程費用。